November 18th, 2010

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Auction Rules -- Sticky Post

You're ready to join the auction to raise money for Tu Publishing's kickstart project. So, what do you do?

First: join or watch the community. People who want to make donations should request to join. If you just want to bid on the auctions, click "watch."
Second: if you have something to donate, post! As soon as your post goes up, the auction is live. Title your post with the name of the object or service you're contributing.
Third: if you want to bid on an item, post in the comments.
Fourth: keep track of your items and bids! Check back to see if you're winning (or if you want to increase your bid to stay in the lead).
Fifth: if you win an auction, make the pledged donation to the Tu Publishing Kickstart page and send the receipts to the contributor who donated the item.
Sixth: if you're a contributor and someone wins your auction, make sure to post the winner in the comments and add the word "ENDED" in front of the subject.

Edit: Because of the nature of the kickstart funding, if the total isn't met, all funds are refunded to the contributors. Due to that factor, all donors to the auction should wait on shipping any items to the winner of the auction until we've confirmed that the kickstart funding is going through. This means that, if you pledge money through kickstart for an auction item, but have that money refunded, you will not receive your auction item. Seem fair to everyone?

Edit #2: The kickstart fund raising ends on December 14 at 1 a.m. To make sure that all donations get in on time, all auction winners must be announced by December 9th. That gives people time to make sure their donations get in to kickstart and get resolved before the drive is over! Auction donors can put up an earlier end to the auction if they want to do so -- just make sure you state the end date in your initial entry!

Comments/questions? Feel free to e-mail alanajoli at virgilandbeatrice dot com, or send a private message via livejournal. Thanks in advance to everyone who participates!